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White Toner Printing

Please supply us with your envelopes for addressing!  “Envelope addressing only” is for customers that need a social event envelopes professionally addressed in color.  We can print on practically any color envelope by using white toner as a print base.  This allows us to print full color on virtually any envelope color.


Product Description

Get stunning  full color printing, single color, including white toner on red envelopes or perhaps print a mail piece with a black envelopes!  It can be done in our Hayward location. We produce stunning full color pieces on dark envelopes, including black, green or gold envelopes by placing white toner down first as a base.  A single or full color is then placed on top of the white toner providing stunning color on dark papers!

Envelope Weight: 80# Midnight Black, 80# Ruby Red – Square flaps

Ink: Colors: Full Color+1

Envelope Size: #10

Turnaround: 4-5 business turnaround is our standard turnaround on specialty envelopes.



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